Angel Baby

This sweet munchkin is already more than halfway to finishing her first year.

Yes, that is how far behind I am on my blogging...

Oh my, it's not that I don't thoroughly enjoy raving about my incredible clients...nor is it because I don't have a penchant for writing...

I'll be completely fall was so rigorous in my sessions, coupled with soccer games and practices to attend...that, once we survived through the holidays, I was sooo craving the luxury of just sitting down and doing nothing, or just reading a book for hours on end,  umm, cleaning my house and organizing things and stuff...
not reading...nope...I've been productive...that's me...time management guru!!!

My list is still long and it brings me such joy to reminisce about these sessions...the laughs and personality quirks that so often surface whilst I"m piling leaves on my head and sneezing them off with great guffaws in order to procure a squeal of delight now and then :) 

It's moments with newborns that get me the most though...the sweet smell of newness and the softest skin in the universe...

This little lady is one of my favorites...but mostly because her mommy is one of my faves as well...I've talked about her before HERE and HERE  So really, there's not much else to say except that I love her and her family!  I hope you'll enjoy their little beauty!

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