If you know me at all, you know that I am the proud momma to 3 beautiful daughters.  

It has baffled me, in the past, that God gave me 3 girls.  I am a former teacher and therefore, I know my way around a classroom filled with chatter box children whilst trying to instill in them reading, writing, arithmetic...and a speckling of the meaning of life...

And while in that classroom, pretty much 100% I was better able to deal with nurture the boys as opposed to the girls. I don't know if it's because I grew up with a brother or if I just wasn't much of a "girly girl" myself...but I found myself more interested in playing dodgeball with the boys on my recess duty, rather than fitting into the tight circle giggling with the girls.  I'm not saying that I don't love my 3 princesses...I just found it ironic that God saw fit to grace me with those beauties and didn't see the need to fit a boy in there somewhere in the lineup :)  

therefore, as you've heard me say it time and time again, I have a soft place in my heart when I get to photograph newborn boys...

Their personalities already peek through and I find myself often wondering what kind of men they will be...will they be gentle leaders...will they be confident and generous...will they love on their mommas unabashedly and regard their daddys with utmost respect?  So much future...so many hopes and dreams...

I met this couple after they had their firstborn, daughter.  This is a couple that adores one another...yes they love their children...but the home for their heart lies in one another...and THAT my friends, is key to the future hopes for your children...the legacy that they already are making for their little girl and boy is amazing...and it's already marked along the way from their own parents...the truths and love that have been passed down...

This little guy is named after his Grandfather...what an inheritance he has...I'm not talking monetarily, but in character and gentleness of heart...I am in awe that this couple already recognizes the importance of passing down those legacies...and continuing to strengthen the bonds of family...

My heart is full:)

Anonymous –   – (22.2.14)  

This is so beautifully written Colleen. Thank you so much. It is interesting to see our lives through the eyes of others. :) Amy

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