SNAP SHOP in August!!!

I've been busy sewing up camera strap covers for all my earlybird peeps!  Getting ready for the Snapshop in August.  (check out the workshops tab in the linkbar)

I share with you how I "see life through the lens" help you get the best pictures that "tell the story" of your LIFE!  If you read the ABOUT ME section (in the tab of the linkbar above) you'll understand what my passion is and how I'd love for everyone to be able to capture those moments for themselves!

I'm a wife and mom first and foremost...and with that comes the passion to record life for my girls...even for my grandchildren of the future...You don't have to  be a professional photographer to be able to document life...(NO, I'm not trying to teach myself out of a job) but the fact of the matter is this...I pay to get my family photographed get that MOMENT picture of my family  all together...the 5 of us hanging out...HOWEVER, it's all those other moments in between that I don't want to miss either...and let's just face it, I don't know about you, but I'm not wealthy enough to pay someone to come to my home and hang out with me for all the unexpected moments of my life...24 hours a day....7 days a week!...

THAT'S why I got into photography in the first place...and THAT'S what I want to share with to make the most of your time with your kids, how to capture the best moments as they unfold in a day filled with laundry, cooking, tickle fights and cleaning toilets!

Once we've got a good understanding of seeing life through that little rectangle on your camera...we go into the mechanics...we'll talk about that dial on top and then we'll dive into MANUAL that you'll get the basics of understanding your camera...will you get it all at once?  I'll give it to you straight, you won't get everything, in a split second...but that's why you get a practice guide, my phone number and a take away handbook with pictures to help remind you, when you encounter those moments that you want to keep!  It's also why I practice and practice and practice...

I'm planning some yummy snacks to keep our energy up, I'm sewing the camera straps as gifts to my earlybird friends...I hope to see you there!  Contact me via email at OR message me on my facebook page HERE

Let's top off the summer with a great class to catch all those activities this FALL!!!

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