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Think back to when you were in high school or college...(go ahead...start thinking :)  Do you ever feel like it was just yesterday?  How about when you meet up with someone that you went to school with...that you haven't seen SINCE that time?  Does it ever feel like time stood still, but then you look around and realize, "WHOA, we're all parents now and our kids are so old...where did the time go?"
Okay, so maybe I'm the only one who thinks these crazy things in my head, but regardless, whenever I meet up with people that I haven't seen for years and years, sometimes it feels like time never passed...that is, until I look around and see their four children running around and my brain reminds me that these 4 munchkins were not around on our college campus 20 years ago! 
It was this way with this family...
I went to college with this Dad & Mom...I didn't recognize their names when they showed up in my email inbox...but once we started chatting, oh my goodness, it's like the flood gates opened...This sweet Mom & I have lots in common and in just our short time together, I came to adore her children.  Each one of these kids has a different an unique personality, but the value and respect that has been built into them by their parents is inspiring & overwhelming!  I was just in awe of their contagious, happy attitudes...everyone was such a joy to be around...
It makes me so happy to not just see families that enjoy being with one another, but when we meet for sessions, they just start to shine with their own ideas and spunk! 
Dad & Mom are clearly in love...and it's the core...They have not only made a choice in commitment to this awesome family they have created, but the feelings just pour out as well...I know, I know...I get a lot of flack for sounding like I "know" so much about the families that I meet...but, I'm telling you...when you start watching people through the lens, and you are tuned into these little just can't help but SEE what is truly there!!!
I had such a great time with them...I hope you will enjoy a few snapshots of our time together...

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