Swams, Gucks and Elephant Tusks

As a Mom, I often feel like I can never get any ONE thing accomplished...I have a never ending "to do" list and it's compounded by the fact that I tend to get distracted...

very similar to Dug on the movie UP...

"Oh, I really need to get washing these dishes, but this dish towel is a mess...LAUNDRY!"

"Wow, the laundry sure has piled up since this morning, I need to head up stairs to grab a basket from the bedroom closet...VACUUM"

"is that the phone ringing? I can't hear anything over the vacuum, I'll just run and check my cell phone on the counter...POLISH"

"where is the furniture polish? oh, I think I put it under the sink...DISHES!"

By the end of the day, I am not sure I am able to actually complete one single thing:)  It's days like this that I pack it all up and head to the zoo...it's days like this that my BFF joins me but decides to stop at Subway on the way, put her sandwich on top of her car while she buckles in her youngest and proceed to drive out of the parking lot leaving her sandwich to fly off the top and smatter into the road behind her...but I digress...

However, I did manage to get to the zoo and we had a beautiful day.  I thought I'd bring along my camera, because lord knows I need another distraction love to capture memories!  I want to show you though...that as a mom, sometimes, in the craziest of spots, if you keep your eyes open and try new things...you might be surprised with what you can come up with in capturing those memories!

A few other moms joined me today...and in between potty breaks, cookie begging, questions about prairie dogs and pointing out "gucks", we were able to get some pretty neat shots of all our kiddos...we just used whatever was available...

whether it was an orange wall in the middle of nowhere...

or a manatee exhibit with fake backgrounds...

or the boxes stacked up awaiting a "show"

we just watched those kiddos being themselves...and we found moments that really showcased who they are!

practical tips:
*look for textures and solid colors...this could be stone walls, colored walls, wood siding...don't be afraid to try something new!

*find full shade areas...large ones preferably, where kids have the space to run around

*if you can't find shade, make sure that the sun is behind them when you try to get the shot...in this, you won't have shadows on half their face:) (you'll have to work those settings because you'll be fighting that bright light...but you can do it!)

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