Click It Run Down...

Well...we had yet another successful Click It class last night! 

With these classes, I start a couple weeks prior, contacting the attendees and really honing in on WHAT they want to learn...yes, I have an outline and specific things to teach...but the point of the matter is this...

I've been to LOTS of classes, taken online tutorials...and nothing frustrates me more than when I pay out money for something expecting to learn ONE thing and then never covering that material...

I also have been apart of classes where they throw so much at you, that you leave feeling completely overwhelmed and don't have a clue where to start...(believe me...I've attended a 16 hour long class, over the course of 2 days...I think I'm still reeling from that one)

These Click It classes are designed for beginners to get a basic understanding of Adobe Photoshop Elements...and then I come at it like a Mom..."What do I REALLY want to be able to do?" 

We learn those things...and I keep going over and over, in different situations, how to use different tools so that everyone goes away feeling like they could tackle their pictures in multiple ways!

There are a gazillion ways to do the same thing...and if you are like me, all I need to know, is how to do the easiest one so that I get the results I want...

(because of my STELLAR ability to completely get tunnel vision...I, once again, did not take pictures of our "class in action"....therefore, I asked Little Munchkin to help me out)

Here are the faces of what the participants *looked like during out class time...

captions included...

 "Oh wow, there is a LOT of stuff in this program...ha"

We then moved into the realm of, "Okay, wait a minute...can you repeat that? the end of the evening...we had comments like, "I never want to leave my computer screen again!!!"

It was an awesome evening and I just get so excited when women come away feeling empowered...that they have some tools in their pocket that they KNOW they can use to make memories and "photo-document" relationships!  Thank you sooo much ladies!

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