We met the first time, when she came along on a previous Senior session with a friend...her bestie of course...the one she'll be rooming with in college and all the excitement and planning that surrounds that adventure!

We had so much fun, we knew that we needed to meet up again for HER Senior Session...

these celebration times aren't as much about the "images", as it is the time with Mom (and/or Dad, friends, pets)  It's the experience of documenting a chapter in the story...

I know I tend to harp on that a lot...

It's how I "see" things though...

If it were just about a picture, couldn't we just use the selfies we take...or the amazing photos on vacations or family trips or huge events???

It's about showcasing THIS's about quirks and smiles and everyday's about varsity jackets or beautiful flowers that showcase that feminine's about the laugh, the's the memory that is made, the talks that are had in just those couple hours of exploring backgrounds that help exhibit the story of YOU!!!

It's about taking time out...investing in THIS MOMENT and then soaking it all in to remember for all the years to come! 

Abby is fun-loving with a serious side...she's relaxed and quick to smile...she's comfortable in her own skin, which makes her a joy to be around because you know that her focus is on conversation and not on herself...

Congratulations Abby on a fabulous Senior year...I'm thrilled for you...for all the adventures to come! 

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