It's not often I get to meet up with other creatives in this way...

I've loved chatting with the Theater Crew at my daughters' High school...Man, I wish I would have had (or taken) more opportunity to learn different trades and crafts growing up... (although, I'm fairly confident that back in MY day, we didn't have "digital" cameras and computer software to whip up photoshopped images and the like...ahem)

Anyway...I AM thankful for present day and the way that the creative arts draws people together!

Nico not only has a keen eye, but he loves to entertain and amaze...

It takes an engaging personality, with a hefty dose of courage and boldness to attempt to astonish people with a practiced skill or talent...

and Nico has just that!

His eyes lit up when we started to discuss his YouTube channel and the plans he has for the future...

he has found a "calling" within his passion & talent and his enthusiasm is contagious...

no wonder he continues to gain followers...

Our time together was spent collaborating on his own vision, while still capturing the essence of NICO...his charm, his kindness, his humility coupled with his energy!

He is a marvel!

Congrats Nico...I can't wait to see what you do!!! 

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