We're into the last days of April...

how did we get here already?  

I probably say that every year...

Winter feels like an eternity...Spring is a roller coaster of temperatures, rain and sun...

and the next thing we know, we only have one more month of school and summer has begun...

I actually know Dylan's family through his little sister...

she is a kind and lovely friend to my middle daughter...

and isn't that what life is all about? 


looking for ways to build into other...not knock them down
opting to encourage...rather than to be critical or tease
offering to help, stand up for, walk along side...rather than point fingers or ignore

These are the qualities that are instilled in Dylan's family...

along with a good dose of confidence and "stick-to-it" attitudes!

These first 18 years are times of not only learning and growing, but figuring out WHO you are...figuring out what YOU value...not just what parents tell's discovering whether you've got the courage to stand for walk in speak with kindness!

Dylan is well on his way with these attributes at his core...

don't let his quiet demeanor fool you...

he's listening...he's making note of all that's going on around him...he has respect for those relationships that matter most...and he's making amazing plans for his future! 

Congratulations Dylan!!!  Can't wait to see all that you'll accomplish! 

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