I went and "dated" myself during Sarah's session...

I kept thinking that she reminded me of someone...and being someone who soooo wishes I had a FAMOUS doppelganger, I'm pretty good at discovering "famous" dopplegangers of others :) 

The "problem" is that a lot of my "knowledge" is based on my own "era" and that of my younger siblings...
and so when I said to her, "oh, you kind of have a look of a young Britney Spears"...she wasn't all that impressed.

It's okay though, because it just made her smile all the more...and Sarah has a smile that will light up a room...

She has a passion for young children...specifically those coming from other countries, that need help with language and learning...

The moment she learned of an opportunity to be involved, she signed up!

She's got a beauty that radiates from's part of who she is...

she has a foundation of strength and heart, sprinkled with a little bit of sass and salsa! 

It was a gorgeous day, despite the sun blazing down on us...

Sarah, I hope you have an amazing Senior year!  You are inspiring!  

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