FAMILY SESSION: 2nd generation similarities

I just returned from a vacation with my besties from college.  Our daughters all went to camp together as cabinmates and thoroughly enjoyed their time together...

This 2nd generation thing is quite amazing...

When I think of the moments and experiences shared with friends and colleagues...and then think of our similarities and, in turn, the passing down of legacies to our just makes those meet ups, all that more sweet!

Bart and I went to college together...and while we may not have run in the same circles, the experiences were similar. 

Therefore, it doesn't surprise me that we each have foundational values and truths that we are working to pass onto our doesn't surprise me that I absolutely LOVE spending time with these kiddos and laugh and squeal at their shananigans and goofy antics!

They are every bit as lovely as they appear in these images...

Preteens/teens/elementary kids that love and respect their momma & daddy...that know how to have to enjoy what they have and not whine about what they don't...

They have patiently awaited additional sneak peeks, as my husband & I had some rejuvenation time with our best friends. 

I think you'll enjoy! 

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