introspective, insightful, talented, kind, generous, soulful...

I could sit here and list what seems like a gazillion adjectives to describe Lizzie...

I'm only just getting to know her as her momma & I have become fast friends...and the more time I spend with her mom, the more I realize the incredible investment they have put into this girl...

spurring her on with ingenuity, encouragement, opportunity and more than anything else...unconditional LOVE!!!

She's off in a couple weeks to Berklee in Boston because she won an amazing scholarship to attend their very sought after summer music program.  The amount of work necessary to even apply for this scholarship was more than I've ever heard of and the competition was immense!  However, she's a person who puts everything she's got into pretty much everything she's reminiscent of the Energizer Bunny...

If you'd like to listen to any of her music you can find it HERE (along with free downloads) 
and if after listening, you'd like to help her on her way to Berklee this summer, please consider it HERE

And just so we're clear...Meghan Trainor is also a graduate of this Berklee Summer Scholarship program!!! This is BIG TIME people!

Lizzie...I can't wait to see where God sends you girl!!!  
I'm beyond thrilled and excited for'll find me in the cheering section with your momma, lovin' and rootin' for you!!!

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