FAMILY SESSION: Colorful Tree Gettogether

Ohio weather is evidenced this week, when we had snow over the weekend...


it's crazy...

but, back to the point...

There was ONE weekend last Fall where all the trees got together and decided, "Hey, let's change color TODAY!...and then we'll shake them all off tomorrow!!!"

I look at almanacs, I check the weather, I keep a log of years past with photography to try to predict WHEN this little "get together of trees" is going to happen, and sometimes I'm successful and other times, well...I make sure my family is dressed "colorfully" so that I don't have to depend on "nature" to provide it for me!

This family was one of the forunate ones...they got in at "just" the right time...

it makes me happy to live in the midwest...

at least until about December through March (and I'm wishing for the Carolinas!!)

When I reminisce about this family, words that come to mind are: gentle, happy, kind, with a little bit of shy-ornery for good measure!!! 

The twins always have hugs and are so sweet with one another...and baby brother tags along with his little eyes cautiously watching all that is going on around him!

I get excited when I see a message from them in my inbox...and I can't wait to meet up again this year! 

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