There are lots of photoshop editing softwares out there.

My choice has been with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements.

The main reason I choose to edit my photos is because, as a mom (and photographer) who photographs young children in a playful, candid settings...outdoors in changing light, for limited amounts of time...

well, let's just face it, I'm more about the MOMENT than I am about keeping myself in a constant state of worry to make sure my settings are PERFECT for EVERY shot.

Ideally, I DO want to get it as close to perfect as possible (this is why I teach Snapshop classes and why I'm constantly taking classes & researching on my own) However, when I'm balancing on a rock above my clients, trying to outrun the impending storm on the horizon, while a little one has already given his 35 seconds of attention and reeeeeeally wants his donut treat as promised...I'm not "always" spot on in my exposure or white balance check (just bein' real!)

Because of that, I have taken not only classes but have spent COUNTLESS hours learning about photoshop...determining ways to help my own imperfections in photography so that I don't feel discouraged when I "mess up" in camera, but I still "got the shot"!

That said, for the month of March ONLY, I am offering one on one Click It sessions during the weekdays (M-F) from the hours of 10-2pm for those that want to learn some basics for the SAME PRICE as a regular class session.  Here is the link to exactly what we cover:  CLICK IT

Here are some practical uses of photoshop:

fixing coloring on those overcast days and directing the viewers eye to the subject of the image!

taking care of little scrapes or broccoli in the teeth that you didn't notice before you snapped the shutter button...

This program is LIMITLESS and we can't cover EVERYTHING in just 1.5 hours, so this is a BASIC class to teach you how to the main things to enhance the photos that you produce out of your own camera equipment!

If you've already taken Click It #1 and understand those basics, you are ready for Click It #2 or #3

Click It #2 introduces you to the world of textures, clipping masks and Card Making! (this is especially helpful during the holiday season or when you just want to make a cute birthday invite for your son/daughter...We do not delve into graphic design persay, but I teach you how to take a few of your favorite photos that you've run through your own experience from Click It #1 and design your own creation.

I am continually developing more workshops within this I said, it's limitless!  Therefore, as we go through the different "levels" I will continue to update the newly developed class outlines...

Click #3: diving into the world of LAYER MASKING!!!

Contact me via OR facebook messaging on the CT Photomemories Facebook Page to schedule your date/time now.  March can fill up fast!

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