Baby Girl...a precious gift

Every baby is beautiful...

Now, I know that some come out with "stork bites" and maybe a bit of a cone head...and bless those fragile ones that need tubes and equipment to help their bodies thrive...

but, those things...those superficial "blemishes" (if you will) are really just insignificant nothings...especially compared to the unbelievable GIFT of LIFE that you hold in your arms...
the presence of a unique and tiny being...a miracle...that you are allowed to cradle...

as photographers, we can mull over shadows and colors and light and positioning...but, the reality is that these little babies are amazing just how they are...

This little girl is surrounded by love and those that are just in awe of who she is...and they dream of who she will become! 

I won't lie to you...she might have been one of the easiest little ones to ever work with...(Not that any newbie is "bad" :)  She was just so calm and I seriously wanted to cuddle and play with her all afternoon.  Her parents even let me "play" a bit with my basket of rags (the first image posted tells that story )

I felt honored to be welcomed into their home...It's a home of relaxed contentment and easy conversation...I am sure that this wee one will learn the practice of compassion and the character of kindness, because it will be modeled for her in everyday life as she grows.

Thank you for such a fun morning!  She is a joy!

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