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So, back when I had my first baby girl, my mom reminded me that I had colic...that I screamed for 9 months of my first year of life...I projectile vomitted and maybe slept 2.5 hours at one nighttime:(

all lovely reminders for a new mom...

and though my mom was extremely sympathetic and incredibly helpful, I often wondered if perhaps there wasn't just a teeeeny bit of "payback" when my little blessing decided to follow in her mommy's little booties:)

My husband and I look back on those times with angst & exhaustion fond memories :)  One thing it has done for me, is allowed me to be much more understanding and at least attempt to encourage others who find themselves in similar situations. 

See, I have 3 girls...2 of which were acid refluxy, colicky, non-sleepers...until they were 1.  (and maybe not until 18 months for one of them)  However, I also had one that was "typical"...the kind that you could leave wimpering for about .5 seconds and then they'd put themselves to sleep.  The kind that you can get on a semi-schedule and life is a dream...

Noone understood in the beginning...they kept telling me to do Babywise and all sorts of other "methods" of helpfulness...What noone understands though, is that if you don't have a "typical"'s just harder...and things that other people swear by, just aren't going to hack it with you...

Oh, my...when did CT Photo become a sounding board for BabyCenter huh?  The point is...when I see new moms that have little ones that "might" just do a bit more than the average crying and a bit LESS than the average heart goes out to them...because I've been there...

However, I also know the countless hours that go into soothing and loving and comforting those little ones...and the bonding that is inevitable...

This little guy's mommy needed to head back to work just before his 3 month mark...and she and I have been good friends for awhile...and we'd been chatting all through these months about sleep (or lack thereof)...The love she has for this little one is to the moon and infinity and beyond...and it's evident...OH SO evident in every little way she talks to him, how she holds him, how she soothes him...she knows his breathing, his sounds, his could she not...she's been holding him for 3 months straight and POURING love into him...

And though there is some part time work ahead, it's not going to stop...the loving, I mean...

Praise God, this little guy has been able to figure out the sleep thing a tad earlier than 2 of my girls did...and for that, I know his mommy (and daddy:) are grateful...but, regardless, I have enjoyed the friendship/mom bond that we've been able to forge:) 

He's a cutie and an incredible blessing to those that love him most!!!

One last little glimpse of that sweet smile:) 

Thanks Mike & Amy for sharing him with us:)  And remember, we are soooo up for babysitting:)  Any time!!!

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