Fun with Photoshop

I practice as much as I can...I practice on scenery, on food, on my own children...and even shoes for heavens sake...

I figure that I can only improve with more practice...I try to focus on one aspect of photography and really hone in & work on it...

I know, it's difficult in between all the household chores, blogging, making dinner, reading books to little ones, eating chocolate and playing on pinterest.... ahem

But, I try!

What I have learned is two fold...1) I'm getting better...I'm seeing things in different perspectives...I'm getting sharper images...I'm using what I've learned and taking it to the next level AND 2) I don't always get it right and that stinks!  HOWEVER...I'm eternally grateful to photoshop:)

Where else can you turn a plain picture into works of art...(or just plain fun because you've just had enough playing with playdough and wanted to do something different:)

Same picture...three different ways!  Yippee for photoshop!

Bev  – (18.1.12)  

One of these days I'm going to have fun with Photoshop! Just can't get too excited about it after working in an office in front of a computer all day. I don't think you could have done ANYthing to make this picture bad, she is stinkin' CUTE!

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