Kirk & Kate: engaged:)

Kirk is my hubby's cousin.  Whenever my husband's family would get together through the years, it was always Kirk to whom I'd gravitate...he's into photography too and we could sit out on Gram's lawn and talk lenses and cameras for hours. 

This past summer we had another family reunion and I was able to meet Kate for the first time...oh my, talk about a perfect match!  They compliment each other so well and share so much in common...she's genuine, funny, eager to set others at ease...she and Kirk are so easy to be with and talk to...she's just got one thing on Kirk though...hee hee...she's BEAUTIFUL! (sorry dear cousin, I had to throw that in there...what's family if we can't tease?)

Being that Kirk is a photoshop master, he will be taking some of these images to create an incredible Save the Date card...I can't wait to get it and hang it in my home! 

I'm excited to share with you just a few of the snapshots we got while we hung out last weekend!

THIS is why I love them so...

Really and truly make a beautiful couple:)  So excited for you!!!

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