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For those of you that know me, you know I'm a frugal person...I like to get the best for my get the best bang for the buck, so to speak...

However, I will admit that when I first got my DSLR camera, I knew that it had a bunch of buttons and doodads...but to be honest, I felt like those were for people smarter than me...

I mean, let's be real here...I"m a grown adult who still COUNTS ON HER FINGERS...there was no way I was going to be able to figure out all those switching numbers and fractions and big words like aperture and ISO as they related to numbers and photography..

I felt this way for 3 years with my that time, I did see improvement from my old point and shoot...but my pictures still didn't look like the professionals that I soooo wanted to be like...they weren't even close...(except on those few "LUCKY" occassions where I must have done something right) And the thing is, I HAD A BIG CAMERA LIKE THEY DID!!!

So, it was at this point that my "frugality" kicked...I shelled out QUITE a bit of money for a camera...and I only understood how to use about 25% of it's capability...THAT was not getting the best bang for my buck...

I decided to try to take some classes...I saved up more money only to be disappointed in many of the teachers...because, underneath it all, I was a mom who wanted to capture her kids...I wanted "frame-worthy" pictures so I never had to go to JCPenney Studio again:)  I wanted someone to speak to me in a "language" I could understand!!!

That's when the teacher in me gave me a good kick in the pants and I started doing what I did best...I started researching and networking and asking questions and surfing the internet and reading books...I threw out the stuff that I knew I didn't need and I developed creative ways to remember the things I DID need.


Soooooo...are you like me?  Did you invest in a big camera but never REALLY learn it?  Does your understanding and knowledge match the capability of your camera?  If not, I feel your frustration...I've been there...BUT, I also know that it's NOT a good use of your moneys spent to just sit on that incredible piece of equipment and never fully understand what you CAN get from it!

Here's an example of what I'm talking about:

The picture on the left is SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) using AUTO...I just turned my camera on, put it on the green AUTO dial and snapped the picture...

The picture on the right is also SOOC (no photoshop, no enhancements, nothing)  However, I controlled the settings in this one...I set my own aperture, shutterspeed, and ISO...

Now, the picture on the left isn't bad...(it better not be for the amount I paid for my camera:)  HOWEVER, when you compare it to the one on the right and KNOW that YOU CAN get THAT type of result with the SAME camera, SAME lens...and all you have to do is have a little better understanding of yoru equipment...OH MY!!

October 16th is the last Snapshop offered for 2011 in Ohio.  The last one before the Christmas holidays and fun times in the snow!  The last one before Halloween and jumping in the leaves...

It is a one of kind workshop...I'm a mom who is concerned about capturing moments,  about teaching to specific learning styles, and especially about balancing a budget...

For only $125 you get 4.5 hours of instruction from a former public school educator and a stay at home mom who is also in the midst of soccer games, laundry and dirty dishes...

I'm all about the "cute" I also give you a "treat" with one of my custom made camera strap slip covers...

You also get a creative booklet to keep in your camera bag to be a quick guide for those moments that you need some extra help, but don't want to try to figure it out by flipping through your mega camera manual!

  In side you'll find all sort of helpful tips and photo recipes...I even give you a quick guide to Photoshop Elements if you've invested in that program as well:)

To secure your spot for October 16th, your deposit of $25 needs to be received by October 1st.  I've been to LOTS of different classes to learn photography...I've searched the internet for other opportunites like this and I haven't found one to match it...the price, the gifts, the food:), and the's worth your time!!

I hope to see you in me at  asap!!!

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