Sunshine Summer

I'm so happy that the sun has finally decided to come out and stay for awhile...

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good rain...and it is ever so good for my garden, but I have to be honest and say that it was getting me a little gloomy.  I just wanted to be able to play outside with my girls and enjoy the warmth for awhile...

I'm happy to report that the sun has, in fact, decided to stick least for alittle bit...

And in that time, I was able to meet up with these lovely little ladies and snap a few pictures...with the sun sparkling through the trees, it glimmered in their hair and twinkled in their eyes...

I had a very hard time trying to decide which pictures to actually post because I had so many favorites.  The littlest lady had a "thing" for the camera and I couldn't get a bad picture of her...NOT that I was trying!  And big sis, she had some poses all thought up and ready to spring on me! 

We had a lovely morning...a quick wardrobe change...and lots of giggles and smiles!

I wanted to capture their "sister" bond and thought the black and white version made it all the more sweet:)

Here wwe had a quick wardrobe change...Mom had Little Sis dress in the same sailor suit as Big Sis did when she was that age...

I couldn't resist giving it a vintage spin...she looked adorable!

Thanks for a wonderful morning little ladies!  I had a lovely time!

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