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I went into the teaching profession for a number of reasons...but close to the top of the list was really, quite honestly, a selfish purpose...I love the feeling you get when you have taught something to a young mind and the lightbulb goes off.  I can't do justice with words to explain the pure exhiliration I get from watching my students get giddy because they have finally figured out something that, to them, a mere 5 minutes prior was confounding their understanding.

I was honored and humbled once again to instruct another SnapShop class in Michigan this past weekend.  As is typical for me, I approached the class on Saturday morning with butterflies in my stomach.  I always want people to come away from interactions with me feeling like it was utterly worth their while. 

In my herat I know I can not guarantee this, but I do my darndest to put myself in their shoes and try to imagine ways to illustrate points, make people feel special, encourage and inspire!

I have come away from each of my classes feeling blessed to have met the ladies...AND, I also love that I come away learning too.  I learn things not only that I can improve upon, but the fact is...I'm a MOM too--and there is just something about getting a bunch of moms together that when you do, you enter this bond of sorts and you come away feeling empowered!

The Snapshop is different than other photography classes--in one obvious way because your instructor (yours truly) is a bit on the eccentric is NOT below me to jump off chairs in a dress or make up character voices for my camera (strictly teaching purposes of course, wink wink)

please do not print screen, copy/paste, or use this photo for ANY purposes...thx!

for those of you wondering WHY would an instructor be jumping off a chair, in a dress no less, in the middle of class?  was she celebrating?  did she see a snake? was it a dare?  Umm...nope...just trying to demonstrate the process of shutterspeed settings...class participants obviously "froze the action" as I jumped off the chair for them MULTIPLE times!  Kudos to Bev who caught this one!!! 

Thank you ladies for a wonderful time.  As with all Snapshops and Click Its, you have my information and can contact me at any time for additional help if need be...

I am in the process now of developing and Snapshop/Click It II to take everything to the next level (again, as per Snapshop surveys from past attendees).  I will finish out the 2011 year with a schedule of the future Snapshops offered in Ohio and in Michigan.  Additional time is going to be added to the classes due to survey suggestions from participants and the need for extra one on one time for attendees.  I think that past participants will vouch for me when I say that it IS worth your time and your money...if you've already made the GRAND investment into your camera...these additional class time amounts pale in comparison to the value and the information that you will glean to make you a better photographer and "photojournalist" of your family!!!

Be checking this site and the facebook page for the schedule coming out soon!!! There is limited space and it is first come first act fast when you see a date that works for you!

Hope to see YOU soon!!!

Bev  – (11.7.11)  

I just knew you would agree that this is a useable shot of you! Glad I caught the action, wonder if the white blast could have even avoided? I find myself talking to myself, usually as I'm going to sleep, about aperture and shutter speed. Ha ha, hoping, I guess, that it is sinking in for good this time! You're a great teacher!

Bev  – (11.7.11)  

Oops, should read 'could have BEEN' avoided...

Andrea  – (13.7.11)  

This is great Colleen!! I had such a good time.

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