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Do you own a big DSLR camera? (aka a big ole camera with a removeable lens) Did you purchase it with the hopes of shootin' out some spectacular photos like the pros, only to discover that though the quality megapixels might be nicer, the images themselves weren't quite up to par?

This SNAP SHOP is what you need! 

If you have invested the money into a DSLR, you probably are getting a good idea of what type of pictures you are attracted too...and they have something to do with the crispness, clarity, bokeh-blurry backgrounds, and countless other things that make an image POP!

It has to do with the settings or "mechanics" of the camera...and although green AUTO is a good place to start, figuring out words like shutterspeed, aperture and ISO can make a HUGE imact in taking your photography to the next level!

However, those settings can be intimidating...I KNOW...I've been there...

But, as a former teacher and someone who regularly uses words like "thingamajig" and "whatsamacallit" I also know how to break it down into everyday language (and probably some other made up words:) and not the scientific mumbo-jumbo that gives some people the jitters...

Also, as a mom, who is passionate about documenting her children's lives through the years, I have made it a priority to learn over time how to capture MOMENTS! It's not just about getting a group shot of everyone saying, "CHEEEEESE"'s not just about snapping the "event"...

It IS about the personality...the expression...the STORY of their lives...

The SNAP-SHOP workshop is planned for
Saturday, June 4th at 9am - 1pm
In this time we will:
* talk about composition and how to "tell the story" through your image
* de-mystify your camera by learning about all those settings that make an image come to life.
* discuss aperature, depth of field, shutter speed, ISO and how they correspond with the images you want.
* learn about lighting, how to locate and use the best light
* give some lens suggestions
* have some practice time along with some questions & answers

Directly after this workshop, the CLICK-IT workshop is's the very next step to taking your photos, enhancing them to print worthy and also changing some into works of art!

Let's face it...even though I've taken time to learn my camera and it IS my goal to have my SOOC (straight out of camera) photos be perfect...when my girls come running in from outside with something "cool" to show me and I'm up to my elbows in potato peels...I'm not necessarily thinking about correct exposure and I just grab my camera and run! 

It's in these everyday moments of life that I don't want to be anxious and is NOT an is to be lived and savored...and though I'll always give it my best to get a great photo, I have confidence that even if I'm not quite there, I can usually get it "fixed up" in photoshop:) 

Can I hear an "Amen"?

CLICK-IT is Part 2 of the photography workshop series...This is when you take everything you've learned from the SNAP SHOP, have a bunch of images and choose what and HOW to print them! 

In Click It, we'll follow a basic workflow:

The CLICK IT class is scheduled directly following the Snap Shop on Saturday, June 4th 1:30 -3:30pm
In this class we'll:
*enhance our SOOC images using adjustment layers to brighten, contrast and fix colors
*learn how to crop and make our subjects the focal point of an image using edge burns
*be introduced to the world of brushes, fonts and selective coloring
*discover how to create your own digital scrapbooking page to journal & document family life

***PLEASE NOTE: If you are a hands on learner, it will be in your best interest to come with your laptop loaded with the Photoshop Elements software.  Laptops will not be provided at the class, however, notes can be taken and the "class notes" will be distributed in order to follow along. If you do not own a laptop, and would like to consider private "tutoring" with photoshop, please contact me and I'll do my best to set up a time that we can work together:) (different pricing applies)

***Click It is an introductory class to photoshop...more advanced classes can and will be offered at a later date for those desiring even more in depth knowledge of photoshop elements, such as clipping masks, running actions, texturing images, etc. Please be sure to contact me if interested.


Snap Shop:  $100
includes 4 hours of instruction, question & answer time, brunch, full class notes, Ebook quick guide, and a customized camera "goody" (TBS-To Be Surprised)

Click It: $60
includes 2 hours of instruction, question & answer time, CD of already created scrapbook pages/layouts to get you started, class notes with easy direction guide for take home

Attending BOTH combined: $150 ($10 discount:)

Class size for each workshop is limited to a maximum of 14/minimum of 5.  Spots are given on a first come first serve basis. Please email at to save your place and indicate if you are attending one or both classes.  Payment is due by May 28th.  Once Classes are full, a wait list will be created for a future date and/or replaced by emergency cancellations prior to May 28th. 


***if workshop cancellation is unavoidable, moneys will be refunded in full as long as cancellation happens prior to the day of the class. Should a no-show occur, a $25 fee will be kept back from the refund***

Anonymous –   – (30.3.11)  

I would LOVE to come to one of your camera/picture editing classes. I will be wrapping up my school year so can't make this one.

Oh...and I got 4 (yes 4) bouquets of flowers for my birthday. I tried to take pictures like you and Sara would...just got frustrated with my camera. I just kept taking pictures hoping to get the ones I want for the birthday page I have created in my head. I need to load them into iphoto and work with them!

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