Remember When???

Moments are is a joy to be present in the wonder of NOW!

Do you remember this little beauty...from about 4 months ago?

It's amazing to me how time just slips by...I am reminded of a quote that "life is carried in the hands of the unhurried"  Those of us who are able to stop and savor...we are able to really live!

Already 4 months have passed...she can lift her head and stretch her legs strong...she is learning to sit up supported...she "talks" and coos...she smiles and giggles...

all this in just a few months time...

how precious to be able to capture the won't always be like this...I know, in the middle of the night with feedings and teething, it "feels" like it will never end...

but it will...and the little chubby legs will be gone...the drool, a thing of the past...staring into your eyes with pure delight for moments on end, well, time just keeps sweeping away...

I am just loving watching these little ones grow...thank you sweet family for allowing me to be a part of the process of remembering...

***please stop over at the facebook site to see more photos from this session along with some storyboards and collages*** 

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