Isn't that what makes life so worthwhile?

Seeing the seemingly insignificant details and realizing that it's much more...

Life becomes that much more extraordinary when we notice the blessing of the ordinary...

I'm reading a book currently that is challenging me in so many's causing me to think and struggle

...and it's making me smile and remember.

There IS much to be thankful often, I focus on the to-do list and the hurry of life...

things to do, people to see, lists to check off...

Photography has been such a tool in my focus on life...when I'm hurried and rushed and just getting by, my images of  life blur...I get a "cheesy" smile and it's over...onto the next thing...


when it's purposeful...when I stop and really look...really see what's going on around me...there is so much more to take in...

There are countless moments to remember.

...whispers in ears
...kisses on cheeks
...jumping to see how high you can fly
...brothers "roughing" it up
...tired little feet to piggy back rides
...the look of  "I love you"

THIS is the type of image I want to capture...THIS is what makes my heart jump...These little moments that have their own story...that speak all alone...

I had such fun sifting through old photos of clients and seeing the memories that they allowed me to be apart of...

Thank you to all of them...for reminding me to keep my eyes open and search purposefully for the simple blessings of today!

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