Get out of GREEN

It's a shame really...Green is actually my favorite color...

But, in terms of photography, getting out of GREEN means saying NO to Auto Mode!!!

There's a little green box or green camera on your settings dial...most people just leave it there and take their pictures.  The problem, is that you probably bought your DSLR camera because you wanted to get better pictures...only to discover not much difference once you started shooting...why is that?

Well, even though auto mode works some of the time and it can be a great place to start...if you have invested the money into a DSLR, you probably are getting a good idea of what type of pictures you are attracted too...and they have something to do with the crispness, clarity, bokeh-blurry backgrounds, and countless other things that make an image POP!

So, if you've never owned an SLR camera before (meaning a big ole piece of equipment that is not a point and shoot camera)...all those settings can be intimidating!

I know...I've been there!

But, I also know how to break it down into everyday language and not the scientific mumbo-jumbo that gives some people the jitters!

My introductory workshop is scheduled for Saturday, March 5th from noon to 4pm.  During this time we'll:

* de-mystify your camera by learning about all those settings that make an image come to life.
* discuss aperature, depth of field, shutter speed, ISO and how they correspond with the images you want.
* learn about lighting, how to locate and use the best light
* give some lens suggestions
* have some practice time along with some questions & answers
* edit and process photos in photoshop elements, learning some basic tips
* talk about composition and how to "tell the story" through your images

In your TAKE HOME you'll receive:

* an E-book with "cliff notes" of what we covered in class for you to print and keep in your camera bag for quick reference.
* a handmade, reversible camera strap slip cover to make you feel extra-special!
* friendships with other local "moms" who have a desire to capture their children's childhood.
* a FUN getaway afternoon in a relaxed and no-stress situation where you'll feel confident to try new things and expand your knowledge in order to become a better photographer AND "photo-journalist"!!!



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