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 As I've gotten more and more into the world of photography, I've noticed that everyone has their own style...It's not that far off from every writer have a certain literary way about them...or an architect that creates an octagon cabin while another creates a solar panel phenomenon.

I have loved viewing the works of MeRa Koh & Jasmine Star...I've met Rachel Vanoven (via facebook) and other aspiring and professional photographers...each with their own style and grace.

Being a people pleasing, gotta do the best sort of person that I am...I'll admit that I struggle when I see other photographers doing so well...when they capture a shot that I can only dream of...but, at the same time, when I see images and say, "Oh, I'll bet Jasmine took that one..." or "Yep, That's a Rachel"...I know that they have achieved a way of "creating art" that depicts WHO they are...and therefore, they are recognizable to others...

How neat is that?

I only know that as I continue to learn and practice, I'm working on my own style or "signature" of photography. I aspire to one day have people recognize "who" I am through a photo or two...but, until then, I keep tweaking and dabbling here and there...

I am thankful for so many that have allowed me to take their photograph and "see" them through the eyes that God gave me...Taking the photo is the first part...seeing people through my crop lens...

Then comes the artsy part...the determining how colors and textures work together...it's a whole other canvas on which to work...

Here are just a few samples of things...how my eyes have "seen" them...Before and After (with actions and textures and photoshop delights:)

So, if you are an aspiring photographer...have fun and practice..."see" things with the unique eyes that God gave you...and use the tools you have to create beautiful images as only YOU UNIQUELY can

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