Kickin' it Off

I know how fortunate we are...

I don't take it for granted, not even for a moment...

My husband's place of employment is a blessing. is work...and it can involve long hours, traveling away from home, frustration and stress...

But, in the end, my husband would agree, that we are so thankful for Cranel, Inc. They have not only treated him with generosity and opportunity...they have become an extended family...and for that we are grateful.

It is with great privilege (and a whole lotta fun thrown in) that I get to photograph different events throughout the year at Cranel functions.  January starts the kick off of the new year...and I was able to be apart of the start up meetings, Awards Banquet and some bowling fun to top it all off...

Not only do I get to take a glimpse at what my husband does during the day, but I get to hang with the people he interacts with daily...I have made good friends, shared many a laughs and enjoyed new cuisine as well:) 

Thank you Cranel for allowing me such great opportunities, where I have such fun doing "work"...and for taking such good care of my husband as well...You are a company for which to work hard!

Here is just a taste of my couple of days with all the folks!

Patty C  – (28.1.11)  

Great job Coll!!!

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