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My Aunt Wanda and I have the same type of furniture, the same decorating styles, the same singing voice, the same goofy expressions...the point is, we have a lot in common. And I love her so.  I still remember when she taught me to braid hair...and when she played guitar...and when she and my mom rented a house together...and...and...she's just fun:)

She and Uncle Jim have 3 boys...and somehow they have grown up and I blinked and missed it.  I hardly recognized them with all their facial hair and having them tower over me.

It's not a secret that I sorta like being her "adopted" daughter.  So, when she was inquiring about family pictures, I was happy to oblige! 

Well...except that it's below freezing outside and "OH MY GOODNESS" I don't think I could feel my fingers...but, hey...we all have dreams of being Kate Winslet looking wistful through chattering teeth and frozen hair...we just traded the Titanic for a large red caboose:)  Enjoy a sampling of our cold afternoon:)

Once we were frozen to the bone:)  We headed over to the church I was married in and got a few inside shots.  And though I joke about the weather, this really was a first Winter Photo Session that I've had and I was so over the top happy with the result!!! Thanks again Uncle Jim, Aunt Wanda and the guys for letting me spend the afternoon with you!  Please jump over to my facebook page to see even more images in an album:) 

Anne Marie  – (31.12.10)  

Love those colleen! Great Job!
your peep

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