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We've known Graig and Sara since college...back in the "good ole days"...back when we had "rio" good times, when the guys were "wooing" us without us really knowing it, and Sara & I scribbled in blue books and ran across campus to turn them in... if you don't know us, NONE of that stuff is really funny to you or really makes any sense...but, if you're ME or're totally cracking up and getting all the inside jokes:) 

However, since I hope hope hope that people other than myself and Sara actually read this blog, I will cease with my trip down memory lane and continue on with the present day story...

Remember this little girl?

My youngest was (and still is, quite frankly) completely obsessed with little Macie...
We took care of Macie for a, I don't capitalize YEAR because it was some long, arduous task for us to care for Macie...however, a YEAR is a longgggggggggg time for Graig & Sara and their little girls to live in Kenya, Africa! 

They went there to adopt THIS little sweetness!
And YES...her cheeks ARE that kissable...
She now has 2 big sisters...although one only has her by about 10 months...Let's just put it this way... Sara has her hands full!

And now their family of 4 has grown to a family of FIVE!  We love them sooo much!!!
Come back to see us soon!!!

Sara  – (4.12.10)  

LOVE it! Love the pics, love the college memories, and love you guys even more!!

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