I'm in love

Okay...so, I'm in love...

Yes...with my husband of course...

But, the image above is making the moves on my heart!  Oh my goodness!!!

I started this business (well, GOD started this business using me, actually) in October.  My goal was to be able to make enough money to purchase this little  big wonder!

My husband walked in from work a couple weeks ago and told me that I had made it to my goal...

I got all jittery...in two months???  how in the world?  GOD, that's how!

And so, yesterday, I found myself at the downtown camera store feeling like a little girl in a candy shop...only, I wasn't buying penny candy...this baby is expensive...but oh so worth it!

I'm having fun...learning the feel of this monstrosity on the end of my camera body...but, it's great...so, I get a work out to boot!!

I'll be posting more "practice pics" soon!!!
Have a great week!

Marla Taviano  – (14.12.09)  

Um, what does it do?? ;)

Marla Taviano  – (14.12.09)  

And CONGRATULATIONS!! Wasn't I just sitting in your kitchen telling you, "Go for it, girl! You can do this! Go for it!" :)

ctphotomemories  – (14.12.09)  

Marla, It's a 24-70mm/2.8 f-stop lens...basically, it does a wide angle view for me, but I can still blur backgrounds...I don't have to move my feet so much with my little 50mm/1.8 lens...WHICH, the 50mm is a relatively inexpensive lens comparatively (it's only $110) and it's perfect for close ups and portraits...Gabe would love it!

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