And the little dog too...

I love large families! I come from a family with 4 kids...I'm the oldest of the brother being 2.5 years younger than me, got stuck with me bossing him around a lot.  My 2 little sisters came a bit later...7 years and 12 years later from me!  Being a mom, I can now appreciate the level of multi-tasking MY mom had to do with regards to such age differences...she had one graduating from high school and one starting learning to drive a car and the other learning to ride a bike...

When I met this family for our session this past weekend, I was reminded once again of my own growing up years...The mom and dad of this gang have done an incredible job with raising their 2 boys and 2 girls...Not only were they polite and kind to me...they actually enjoyed being around one was refreshing to watch them and listen to them banter back and forth...I LOVED their little teasing and joking around!  It was sincere and fun!  It was a pleasure to be around them, even if just for a short time. 

Their oldest is graduating and we thought we'd try to fit in a few senior shots as well...Hope you enjoy my few favorites here...Remember to head over to the facebook page to see some more!

I had to add this last one because they just did this themselves...walkin' back to the you see what I mean about a close family?  Thanks again "S" family for allowing me the privilege of capturing you all!

Dee Dee Ball  – (5.12.09)  

I LOVE this photo that you happened to catch. Your talent is expanding in really fun ways! Keep it up girlfriend!

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