Big Brother, Mr. GQ and Lil' SISTA!!!

I had a couple of photo shoots over the weekend...I have so much fun discovering different personalities, especially in children.  I've been out of the classroom for quite a few years now, but there is just something about being with kids that gets my heart all happy and it's just time to have some fun! 

These 3 siblings were awesome to work with...I mean, they can't really escape it...having such "COOL" parents and all!  I had the privilege of capturing Lil' Sister when she was a flower girl awhile back...but I didn't really know her older brothers very much...

It always amazes me how kids come from the same parents but come out so completely different...and yet, they fit perfectly together as a family...

Big brother here...well, let's just say that when my daughters are old enough to date (please understand that their father has instructed them that this does not happen until they are 30) but, still...I'm thinkin' that this little guy will be in the running:)

And then comes Mr. Photo Man himself...never without a smile OR a pose!  He has charisma and charm!  LOVE HIM!  He came up with so many different was easy as pie to capture him in his element!

Finally...comes Lil' Miss...and she was WORKIN' THE CAM-ER-A!!! Let me tell you!

Thanks so much for spending the afternoon with me!  I had such a great time with you! 

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