FAMILY SESSION: All the LIGHT we can see

If you are an avid reader, you'll notice a little "play on words" with this blog post title.  ((for those that don't have an opportunity to read novels too often, there is a book entitled: All the Light we Cannot See))  

LIGHT basically sums up photography...

if you understand how to use it, how to reflect and bounce it, how to bend it, it's amazing to see the results in the people of which it illuminates...

It's what stops people in their tracks...
...the glow
...the twinkle in eyes
...the spotlight!!!

LIGHT can also be something on the INside too!

And when you have BOTH...

it's magic!!!


This was such a day...

The beautiful light was shining...glowing...

Using it to backlight and also to spotlight this wonderful family makes the dewy yellows and bright spots shine...but, what REALLY makes this family gorgeous, is the LIGHT that exudes from them, that comes from the inside...

It's easy to see the love they have for one another, the patience and grace they give each other...the HAPPY that they cultivate in their home because it spills over into their everyday life...

and it can't help but SHINE! 

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