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My mind is always a flurry of words, ideas,'s very difficult to "shut it off"...sleeping doesn't always come peacefully, and neither do quiet moments in any given day...

perhaps it's my influx of energy or my indulgence with caffeine...whatever the cause, I'm always thinking of THINGS...all.the.things....all.the.time...

I've had to learn "tricks", if you will...strategies that help me calm, refocus, reenergize...

My approach to this has always centered around words...words make me "dial in" so much more than even a film or movie on a screen (that's why I always subtitle everything I watch too...crazy I know)

Even though I'm a hands-on/visual learner, I have found that by listening, rather than watching, I am not only able to burn off extra energy by continuing the daily tasks in the midst of it all, but it forces me to concentrate on something other than the thoughts readjusts the crazy and either gives me a rest, or helps me categorize.

Perhaps I sound a tad "over the top"...that's okay...I've always considered myself a bit right of center's in the growing that we learn...and though sometimes my road that doesn't look as pretty or fine-tuned as others, I'm still blessed to travel it...

If you've followed me for long, you know that I am an avid reader...books are scattered everywhere in my home...I used to be a one-book-at-a-time person...but, becoming a mother sort of kicked that into high gear with the necessity of multi-tasking...therefore, I leave books in places throughout my house, knowing full well, I won't have time to "go looking" for one should a moment present itself for a opportunity to soak in a page or two...

However, with our family's busy season approaching (basically last Spring, Summer and Fall) I know that my actual "read time" will almost slow to a's in these moments that I'm so thankful for this digital age...the age of audiobooks and podcasts...a way to learn, listen and relax whilst still DOing all the things that require our attention in so many directions.

I'm happy to share just a handful of my favorites...I do not listen to podcast EVERY day, to which some might subscribe, but I do enjoy binge listening during editing sprees or laundry-doing or dish-washing or dog-walking...

I'd LOVE to hear some of your favorites as well! Please comment below with more ideas on both Podcasts or Audiobooks.

For those that aren't familiar with Podcasts, it's somewhat like a radio broadcast, but in short bursts and episodes that you can access at your leisure and convenience. It's an app you can put on your phone OR many have them linked to their blog or websites.


The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey : I read Jamie's book, If You Only Knew, and I immediately felt like we should be real-life friends...turns out, her enneagram and other personality traits are very similar to mine, with enough dash of sass & difference that makes her intriguing.  I love her energy.  My favorite episodes are with Lysa Terkeurst and Emily P. Freeman.

The Next Right Thing: Speaking of Emily P. Freeman...if you haven't read her books such as Grace for the Good Girl and her newest one coming soon, The Next Right Thing, can I just encourage you to do so.  Especially if you are an energy filled person like me that sometimes feels paralyzed by the endless to-do list and fears doing something "wrong"... Her voice is gloriously soothing and her podcasts are literally only 15 minutes long!

Goal Digger: Jenna Kutcher has some really great stuff as it pertains to social media and reaching goals!

IF you get into debating theology stuff too, you might like:
Knowing Faith

PODCASTS or AUDIOBOOKS to have in the background during the "getting ready for school" morning:

Keys for Kids: I grew up with Uncle Charles and other radio broadcasts for kids.  Sometimes it's cheesy, yes...but for families in our areas that are always on the go, I feel like anything is better than nothing...and for younger elementary, what a way to spark some discussion as opposed to a show going in the background.

The Mysterious Benedict Society: this is a fun read for late elementary/early middle schoolers...and I love the narrator of this audiobook. My youngest and I have enjoyed listening to this on our drive to school in the morning...we laugh over characters and the story has conjured up some great talks!

***we also love the audiobooks for Princess Academy, The Penderwicks and Harry Potter.  We've listened to them all at least 10 times each...but it never gets old...and with such good literature/word-weaving/'s wonderful!

AUDIOBOOKS for adults:

If I'm honest, I really would rather read than listen...but that isn't always a possibility for me...these have been great additions to my book-loving heart:

Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate: it is available on overdrive for audiobook listening.  It will get you fired up and then cheering the next moment!

The Good House by Ann Leary : This veers from my usual reads...different genre/topic/etc...but, it was interesting and the narration was wonderfully executed!

Anything Susanna Kearsley is lovely as well.  Most of you know I love historical fiction and the whole fiction idea of time travel or memory-passing-down... Her book The Winter Sea is probably my absolute favorite to read and to listen to... (I'm probably also fascinated by all things British or Scottish there's that too!)

LET ME KNOW SOME OF YOUR FAVORITES TOO!!! If you haven't checked recently, I keep adding to my BOOK NOOK highlights on Instagram if you ever need a book recommendation in a fix...

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