INHOME LIFESTYLE: You're only 6 months ONCE...

In less than 2 years, I'll have a daughter in college.  I remember when I left for school, leaving behind a younger brother and two younger sisters.  I was marching off into a new, independent unknown...I know I spoke often with my family, but I wasn't there in the day to day...the dynamic had changed.

I missed band performances and swim meets and even a couple musical performances because I, myself, was traveling around the state in my own troupe performing and representing the school. I missed cookie making, fort building and doll playing...

The point that I'm attempting to exhibit is that "life" changed in the everyday...and in all actuality, it continues to change day by day, month by month, year by year...etc...

Because of that fact, my storytelling heart always yearns to capture those document the memories...

I'd love if my quick snapshots of my personal everyday life looked magazine worthy every.single.time.

ahem...but laundry, dishes, children....

And so, sometimes it takes a certain amount of purposeful preparation in order to aesthetically record the events of everyday life!

AND THIS IS WHY, lifestyle photography is so fulfilling!!!

Working around Ohio weather...whether it be rain, heat or snow...well, it can always be a challenge.  This family was so gracious in our dilemma to find a day that would work...but, through the icy roads and impending "perilous" forecast, we made it happen!!!

I'm so glad we did too...because you are only 6 months old ONCE in your life!  The gummy grins, the happy giggles, the tummy time...these are all things that are worth remembering!!!

It's obvious the security and love provided in this home from mommy & daddy...a place where gentleness, sweet squeezes, and laughter is valued and encouraged...

Each day is worth celebrating!

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