I've recently dabbled a little in  To be honest, it's sometimes hard to walk away.  It's like a scavenger hunt or a mystery that I, alone, am on a mission to solve! 

I've found documents from in, written in ITALIAN!  I can't even read them...but, then I find another source that helps me translate words and discover the STORY behind it all...My husband and father in law finally get a clearer picture of the family narrative...

All the images...the pictures...the scanned information...

they are like pieces to a puzzle...

and even so, I still want more...

I want to know what these family members looked like...I want to envision them in the everyday...I want to imagine what they'd walk and talk like, what they would choose to wear...were they extroverted and big belly laughers or were they quiet and shy? Were they strict disciplinarians?  Were my ancestors fidgety as toddlers or did they like running around, chasing each other...

Did my great great grandmother give big kisses to her children, or was she more reserved and calm?  Did my great great great grandfather like to interact with his family or was he more aloof ?

I'm sure that pictures don't ALWAYS tell the whole story and they can even be manipulated to "control" a perception that is desired...but, more times than not, I find that the pictures of my own family tell a true story...

I look back on the images and I remember the event...others look back on my images and can accurately guess, "Oh, she was shy when she was little wasn't she?"..."oh my goodness, is your brother that hilarious even now?"..."I can't believe you wore that to school!!"

If anything, my search on ancestry has strengthened my resolve, my passion, my LOVE of the STORY through pictures!  And even the QUALITY of the pictures...because the "eye" of the storyteller is able to capture those emotions and story elements in order to put all the puzzle pieces together for the whole and beautiful picture.

I am so thankful that others see that value too...

As I was processing this family's session, different thoughts went through my head...remembrances that will passed down through their own family's generations... he loves his "girls" mommy loves her little girl with snuggle kisses a pop of red is daring and bold, and that strength will be passed down to their daughter a sweet little headband tells a tale of pretty and classy and sweet Spring can come, even after the harshest of winters

What a pleasure and JOY to meet others with the same heart for a STORY!  If YOU haven't had your current chapter recorded in pictures, you can always check out CT PhotoMemories...and if that isn't your thing, perhaps you could take up the challenge to learn how to be your OWN storyteller, and take a Snapshop Class!!!  I've got TWO dates on the calendar with special sure to check it out HERE!

Donna  – (27.4.18)  

Your photos are gorgeous! Love the McCray memories in the making and that adorable baby.

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