I really love Instagram.

Not a big fan of their new "algorithm" or whatever you want to call it...I liked it better when everything was just chronological instead of whatever they "think" I want to see...but, regardless, I'm addicted to all things pretty...and relational...and funny...

I follow a bazillion photographers because I like to keep hammering myself in the head with comparison  the inspiration :)

However, the sites that always get a smile on my face have to do with the things I mentioned above...things that are pretty, relational, funny...or a STORY :)

With that, I thought I'd share with you some of my favorites...the ones that, when I see them show up in my feed, I stop scrolling and savor...I read the comments, I laugh at their silly, I oooh and ahh over their spectaculars and I continue on my day with a smile...

I know we all already follow Magnolia and all things Joanna Gaines...and of course all the blue check mark ones of popularity, so I'm not going to highlight those...

I'll just share a few of my favorites and maybe they'll become some of your favorites too: )

I'll start out with @thedogist I like dogs...and this precious feed highlights the sweetest pups known to man...I can't even resist!

 I've mentioned before my love for journaling and doodling and sketching...I've found a few people that I just love their sketches and their inspiration... @doodleswithsteena @krystalwhitten and @sdionbakerdesign 

 I've never claimed to be a fashion guru...I honestly don't really know what I'm doing but I like to be comfortable and I like affordable!  More importantly, I like a REALLY great deal...however, as I've gotten older, I've been at a loss as to how to "put together" outfits.  @livinginyellow has been sooo helpful in this arena.  She is able to put together ensembles that not only look great, but, I can , in turn, recreate the outfits with either her own finds or deals of my least NOW I know what I'm looking for! 

I like these next two just because... @fromwhereIdrone because he gets images of things that I can't...and they are unique and breathtaking and I get to imagine being a bird and flying over top of God's great landscape! 

I told you that I like a STORY... @childhoodunplugged has a story in every image...I love the collaboration of artists and photographers that contribute to their feed.  It's inspiring and heart-warming! 

Can I just be completely honest here...nearing my mid-40s, my body is giving me a run for my money...all the things I USED to do don't necessarily work any longer...I'm not trying to morph my body into a bikini...I just want to be able to safely squeeze my muffin top into the top of my jeans and still button them okay? 

I've also come to realize the greater importance of eating healthy.  I gave up all soda and I'm doing a better job of reading labels and I'm soooo thankful that summer is coming so that fruits & veggies are more plentiful and easily accessible as well. 

These two ladies keep me hopping...I love @beccabeschtafitness instastory highlights with workout ideas and food menus... @heatherbarritt makes me smile because her energy and hilarious sarcasm just peps me up!

And how could I end a blog post about people I follow without mentioning BOOKS...Oh sweet lord, we need MORE BOOKS in our lives!  The first one I found recently and I figured anyone with a love for Mr. Darcy is A-Okay in my book.  The second one is another recently found site that gives recommendations for kids and teens...BLESS!!!

Spam me with all your FAVES for Instagram LOVE...what are your favorite feeds...I'd love to see something NEW this Spring!!! 

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