Many have been inquiring about sessions this fall and I'm getting soooo excited to see many of you again! I want to keep you all in the loop with my dilemma every year...

As I like to be apart of my daughters' activities, sports, etc, I typically do not schedule into September/October until after school has started and I have received their sports schedules, drama practice schedule, etc...Once I receive those and I know when/where I need to be, I can work around the calendar to make time for sessions.

Therefore, IF YOU WANT TO BE IN THE KNOW...please sign up for the email list. (I do not send out gazillions of emails...it is there for just this purpose) I will send out a email to those on my list and will give those folks "first dibs" on my availability (weekends and weekdays after 4pm) once I receive their calendars. After that, I will post whatever availability is left on my Facebook page for everyone else to fill in.

Please make note of some changes this year due to a more limited schedule on my end, and a high demand of time.

I am so excited for this Fall and I can't wait to meet you or in many cases, see you again!!! Be sure to follow on Instagram

or on my Facebook page to see what I've been doing all summer long too!

click HERE for Family Session info and Sign Up button

p.s. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN A SENIOR SESSION and have a late start or early release during the school day, I AM scheduling daytime sessions NOW! 

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