Definition of December

This is gonna be a long one folks...

I've got lots goin' on in this brain of mine and it's been cooped up for awhile...

The rush of the season is over...well, the photography part that, we slide right into the christmas crazy for the month of December!

So, let me tell you what's been goin' on...

First of all, I'm ECSTATIC to say that all my galleries have been delivered and I'm only 28 blog posts behind (insert big eyed emoji)  But, that's because I didn't come up with my brilliant blogging plan until I was already behind, so I'll do a little catch up in January... c'est la vie

Next, if you remember, my youngest had alittle "accident" a year ago in October and cracked her mouth pretty good...actually, it was awful and there was blood...lots of blood and wiggly teeth and Momma had some tough lovin' to do...but, it's now a year later and she's chewing gum with the best of them...cuz, we're all about healthy habits in our household...
Anyway, turns out she did SUCH a great job of moving all those teeth around when she smacked them into the iron pole, that they got stuck in some weird she's needing some lovely appliances in her mouth, which will be installed 2 days after Christmas...

Merry Christmas sweetheart...Santa must love you...

however, not as much as my middle girl...

because she gets to have a full set of BRACES put on 2 days after Christmas as well!  Yippee, all 3 girls will have metal in their mouths and we're set another year behind in college savings...(insert forced chuckle)

If you didn't know, we've also been in our house for 10 years...and since "they don't make 'em like they used to"...EVERYTHING IS STARTING TO BREAK!

We had to replace the garage door system back in September, both of our vehicles needed some work due to leaks and failing brakes, and our washing machine went a little haywire over the summer too...but nothing a cool $500 couldn't fix (big eyed emojis are my favorite now)

Which leads me to this past week...

If you are a close friend, you will know that I have lamented about my dishwasher for at least a year.
I do not like my dishwasher.
It doesn't really wash kinda swirls the dirty water around and then heats it all up so that it gives you the false impression that they are clean.  I've wanted a new one for awhile...but, the girls are growing like weeds and supposedly, it's in our best interest to make sure they are clothed and fed first...and we needed more important things like: the garage door, the washing machine, gas for the cars...just the usual...and it's not like my hands were broken or anything, I can wash my own dishes...

However, while we were gone to Michigan for Thanksgiving (more on that in a second) the dishwasher (that apparantly was already more broken than I originally thought, had reached it's capacity of "broken but still acting like I'm limping along" and it leaked under the wood floors to the subfloor and into the basement.  This appears to have been going on for about month, so that would explain the warping of our wood and the soggy Christmas decorations we brought up from the basement.

So, now our kitchen looks like this and I finally get my new dishwasher...along with a hefty insurance deductible :)

p.s. YES that is a homemade fruit fly catcher on the counter because nothing says "home" to a fruit fly like old food that has leaked into the floors from a faulty dishwasher...fortunately, the pureclean folks have done a remarkable job getting it fixed up and the more "intellectually challenged" fruit flies are now falling for my trick.

Because we actually like our sanity, we are opting to hold off the "real" fixing of the floors until after the holidays.  Therefore, our house is LOUD (as if I don't already yell enough) for at least 2-3 more days while the machines suck the moisture out of the wood so that we don't get mold...ahhh the joy of the season!

It's okay though because things could be worse and I'm well aware that these "first world problems" are NOTHING...but, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that it sometimes does the body good to whine for just a's not necessarily "biblical" persay, but I'm trying to keep it at a minimum.

OKAY, so now onto the FUN stuff! I'm "artsy" by nature, so that means that I like projects...not cleaning projects mind you...that ISN'T fun.  I'm not organizational or clutter free...actually quite the opposite, but "projects" are my way to "decompress" when things get a little hectic or stressful (which is basically the definition of December)

So, I've been painting and crafting and it's been glorious!  You may seen my latest canvas on Instagram.
I get inspiration from others and then I try my own hand at it and just embrace the "goofs".

We had a White Elephant exchange between the Youth Leaders at our church and we had to "pinterest" create something that screamed our of course, I made a PUPPET!!! We called her "Tacky Tammy" or Anthony referred to her as Cecile.  My youngest and I had fun finding all the "accessories" in our basement.

I'm currently working on MORE canvases to GIVE AWAY...stay tuned tomorrow for that announcement and get your Christmas cards ready!!!  

That's life in a nutshell at the moment...
hope you all are doing well!!! 

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