We saw Wicked last night...and in terms that my East coast friends will surely understand,

it was WICKED!

When my husband and I went to NYC to celebrate my 40th AND our anniversary AND Father's Day/Mother's Day AND...well, you get the picture...we saw the Broadway performance of Wicked at the Gershwin theater.  It was a dream come true for me...I had never, in all my years seen a broadway show!  You can see my "Facebook Album" to follow the pics or see my Instagram Play by Play (if you are friends on my personal Instagram page) as he wasn't lettin' me haul my "big girl" camera around NYC.  We had seen a college production of West Side Story a long while back before we were married, but, we have had to pass on Lion King, Annie, Les Miserables, Book of Mormon and other really cool musicals that have come through the Ohio Theatre because, at the time, they were rather "hefty investments".  It's not that I don't love The Arts...if you know me at all, you know that's not true...It's just that sometimes, even when things seem like "once in a lifetime opportunities", it's okay if you have to pass on them.

All this to say, our girls are all at an age where they are starting to not only appreciate, but value certain opportunities. They knew when Mom & Dad came back from New York with the Wicked soundtrack CD that it was something pretty awesome.  Over the course of the past 2 years, they have memorized the lyrics and youtubed so many of the scenes.  I knew that when this musical came to Columbus, they would want to see it...

However, remember I mentioned that "hefty investment" thing? My girls have come to appreciate that as well...At times, we've given them opportunities to choose between one thing or another...

That said, we gave them a choice when we heard that the production was coming to the Ohio Theatre. We could do a party and presents for their birthdays in 2016 OR we could all go see WICKED...It would also mean that perhaps Christmas wouldn't necessarily be "over the top" as well. They all agreed.  I would be remiss if I didn't mention that when those birthdays came and went, it was a bit difficult for them to pass on presents from mom & dad, and a party with friends & party decor...but, we kept reminding them that we saved that money for something super special in August!

It did not disappoint!

Can I be honest with you, that I cried a little?

Not because the storyline was sad or anything (although there were some touching moments) but, because I was suddenly hit with that feeling of deep gratitude and humility...It's almost like the moment you experience if you've ever walked down Main Street of DisneyWorld for the very first time...I pinch myself sometimes to think that my daughters get to experience these types of things.

Anthony & I compared our experiences between the two productions with actors/actresses while the girls continued to belt out the tunes to the soundtrack as we drove back home.  I loved being able to sneak peeks of the girls' faces while they watched and I'm not sure I ever clapped so hard out of pure joy and excitement. It was a fabulous way to celebrate our birthdays this year and something they will not soon forget!

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