It takes a certain amount of courage, not just confidence, to be true to one’s self…to aspire to be whom you were created to be.  

In some cases, I will admit that I have wondered whether God made a mistake or perhaps He was playing a cruel joke…Why didn’t He make me taller? Why don’t I have incredible athletic talent? Why didn’t He give me more common sense instead of just the ability of book smarts? Why am I not in the popular crowd?

At the same time, I am compelled to say that it takes courage to “own” one’s creative make up…quirks & all.

We live in a society that praises perfection and then tries to justify imperfection instead of being able to admit failures or insecurities and having the courage to continue to put one foot in front of the other and to do the next “right” thing…

I’m not talking about girl power or entitlement or empowerment of the people. 

It’s more about being able to say, “this is who I am…faults and all...I own my misgivings, and I’m committed to growing, learning, becoming all that I am created to be…I’m not here to impress, to prove myself or to please anyone…”  It’s a courage from within because it’s a rare quality to possess.

It doesn’t mean that one isn’t ever nervous or shy or even feel intimidated from time to time…but, it’s a self-respect, a self-awareness and in turn the ability to yield to the needs of others.  This is integrity as well.  

It is this quality that allows one to sacrifice, be generous, and to have a servant’s heart…because the focus isn’t on self

I saw this in Ty. 

He’s gregarious, fun, adventurous and kind…
I think you’ll see his personality shine through in his pics too!

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