EMILY: Senior Session

The past few senior sessions that I've had, the entire family has come along for the ride...

Can I just tell you how much fun it is? And not only that, but, it warms my heart to know that these families recognize that these "soon to be graduates" haven't just gotten to where they are, on their own...it's been a family effort...

for that to not only be recognized but celebrated...is WONDERFUL!

I asked Emily's mom to describe the personality of her firstborn girl...

Her immediate response was, "She's all smiles...all the time!"

I didn't doubt her for a second...Emily is kind, thoughtful, warm, and approachable...She was thrilled to have her family along for her session...it was simple to see where her "easy-going" approach to life came from!  

Her dad was particularly interested in his daughter's senior session...and I think this is what impressed me the most...He knew that his daughter was beautiful...and the thing is, she's gorgeous INside AND OUT!...the whole package...He wanted to be sure that I was just showcasing HER, not glamorizing or making her into something other than herself...

I was thrilled to be able to reassure him, being a parent of all daughters as well...My philosophy on senior photo sessions isn't modeling or embellishing a person...

it's about showcasing the BEST of WHO they are...

I'm sure that you'll be able to see the TRUE Emily in her images...the fun-loving, all-smiles personality that represents a pretty awesome soon-to-be 2016 graduate!

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