Mentoring 2014-2015

This is a fairly new venture for me, but one in which I am loving...

Since I've been on this "vulnerability" kick here lately...let me just tell you that had you told me five years ago that people would not only seek me out to photograph their family's moments, but that I would also be teaching classes to moms on how to create those images for themselves..., that other future professional photographers would be wanting one on one mentoring from me to help them launch their own businesses...

Ummm...I"m just a small town girl from that state of north who drinks way too much coffee and inhales chocolate like it's going out of style!

But God...

He really has just blown my socks off with the opportunities that He's thrown my way AND with the confidence He is building up in me...I am blessed!

Let me give you the scoop on mentoring...

actually, let this gal give you her perspective (cuz I asked her and she graciously replied to my overzealous emails!)

To whom would you recommend a Mentoring session, compared to a Snapshop class?

 Anyone who wants to learn about photography and take their skills to the next level.  I think your SnapShop class is perfect for someone who wants to learn to get out of Auto.  The mentoring is perfect for someone like me who already knows that but wants to take skills to the next level.  But I also think the mentoring is perfect for someone who wants to go at her own pace and ask specific questions. 

Here's what she said about our entire time together: 

Colleen knew where I was specifically in my journey as a photographer and helped take me to the next level.  I appreciated her honest and encouraging feedback of my images.  It was so helpful to know why I was disappointed with certain images that I had taken and showed to her, and to be affirmed in the images I thought were decent.  I loved watching her edit and enhance my images and offer suggestions of what to do differently.  I loved that she is helping me think through next steps I can take to improve.  I also appreciated how she was constantly assessing our session and making sure we were going in the right direction for me personally.

We spent a great couple hours meeting her where she was in her journey.  We were able to pinpoint specifics between technical, artistry and business related questions...we took time in the areas that intrigued her most and discussed lighting, posing, business ventures, editing and post processing, aperture settings & large was the whole gamet...and a TON OF FUN!

Here are a few of her headshots...She is a beautiful woman inside and out!  I'm so excited to see where this journey takes her...

I'm looking into developing a private facebook group for all former snapshop attendees and mentoring students...a place where questions can be asked, photos can be shared and encouragement will be given.  I hope to have this up by January 2015 (look for facebook updates for an invite)

Mentoring sessions are designed specificially for the individual, therefore, each session looks different and is unique unto it's own. When you register with me for a session, we find a day/time that works best into both of our schedules...mentoring pricing begins at 2 hours, however, you can customize your time for longer if you wish to cover more topics or desire headshot or on location practice, etc...(pricing is then determined accordingly) We continue a correspondence until I know that I have a good grasp on where you are as a learner and what it would take to help you take the next step in the journey.  

I look forward to meeting many more people in 2015!  You can contact me at for inquiries and also check out the mentoring link HERE for more information. 

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