Siblings and Friends

 I'm the oldest child in my family.  The next one after me is my brother...

I will be honest that I did not appreciate this sibling relationship until almost college...Growing up he was my playmate (who I bossed around), he was my scapegoat (because I totally blamed him for everything), and he had my back (though I never knew it, nor gave him any credit for it)

It sometimes takes years of bickering and just the plain ole journey of life, to finally realize how good you have it...other people, far more mature than me, figured this out in a lot less time...they did not take it for granted that they had siblings, but rather enjoyed it...sadly though, I was not one of those people...

My poor brother endured years of me tattling on him, pulling his hair to make him do my bidding and teasing him endlessly...

and yet, today I can say that I count him one of my closest friends...I can tell him anything...I can call him up and vent, cry, laugh, and just BE!  I have no doubt of his love for me (and my little family)...I trust him and have stored in my heart the years of memories that we share!

Walking into the home of this family my heart just smiled...watching big sister with her new little many years ahead...I have a feeling that she's a lot smarter than I was...she adores this new little guy...and if I guess correctly, I have a feeling that they are going to become fast friends!!!

They are a family that is not tentative when it comes to demonstrating love to one's a home where you feel safe just walking in the pretenses or guards to put in are welcomed as is and loved just the same!  I was so honored to be asked to come photograph their new son...

Thank you for such a relaxing and enjoyable time with you all!!!

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