ALEC: Senior Pics

I wonder if the mothers of these seniors sometimes just stare at their sons or daughters, at this moment in time, and wonder, "how did we get here?"

Does it feel like it's going so fast?

My daughter (who is only in 6th grade) just broke her foot this past's been a whirlwind of orthopedic surgeon consults and doctor middle child needs to see an orthodontist for possible braces in the youngest informed me that she'd like to start playing basketball next year...

If I'm not doing laundry or making dinner, I'm driving to pick them up and drop them off...their peers come over to "hang out" and the "once upon a time playroom" is now turning into more of a homework area instead of dress up and polly pockets...I feel as though the minutes just fly by...nighttime routines happen and boom, it's 6am and we need to get up and start a new day...

Is it ever a blur for anyone else?

I'm thankful that I have photos, because sometimes, I can't even remember if I brushed my time on any given morning let alone, remember the funny expressions and thoughtful discussions that happen right beneath my nose!

Guys aren't necessarily "into" senior pics as much as girls...this isn't true in all cases, but, I would venture to say that just like girls dream about their future fantasy weddings, those thoughts don't even enter into a guy's mind during their elementary years...

Alec has a loving respect for his was evidenced not only by his compliance to Senior Pictures in the first place, but in small, thoughtful ways that he included her input during our session.  I can't tell you how it warms my heart to know that there are young men that defy societies call on them to "entitlement"...instead, they don't just "Look out for #1", but, they purposefully see what they can do for others.

We had a wonderful afternoon and I know you'll be able to see the strength of his character coming out in these images :)

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