Michigan??? Really???...ME TOO!

I know that this blog post title may be disturbing to some...

I've lived here in Buckeye Country long enough to realize that you just don't mess with the OSU fans...I get it...

Let's face it, I already knew it before I got here to good ole' Columbus...having been born and raised just south of Detroit...and...well, that other city...AA...

Before I belt out an ole "hail to the victors...", let me just stop right there and remind all those reading that I birthed 3 little girls that are Buckeyes true and true...they can't help that their mother was born Maize & Blue ...

Where am I going with all this you ask???

Well, it's not often that I run into others from that state up north...let alone run into someone and discover that our very own fathers both live off of the SAME STREET in the SAME TINY TOWN just over the border...

We just started talking on the phone...we had such fun conversations and email exchanges...I couldn't wait to meet them all in person...we kept hoping from one topic to the next and discovered that tidbit of sweet similarity...

and then when I met them...and their kiddos...I just KNEW I had met a kindred spirit!!!

They moved here with a dream...and their passion and excitement is contagious...

The whole family is involved with the family business...a swim school...and so it made sense to take some family pictures near WATER :)

It was a beautiful fall day, with incredible light and beautiful scenery!

Oh the fun I had making these little guys laugh!!!

And as always, it makes me so incredibly happy to see couples in love...ones that are ready to take on LIFE together...they are a TEAM!

We got some fun shots for their school about to open in APRIL of 2014!!!  Go check out their site here:
GOLDFISH: Swim School

I can't wait to be there opening day!!!  I hope you will join us as well...This family is amazing and I know they are going to do amazing things!!!

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