Shy Cute :)

Is there such a thing as "shy cute"...
Sometimes I have these ideas in my head and I can't seem to find the right words to describe the feeling...let's see if I can do it this time around...
What do I mean by "shy cute"??...because, in my mind's eye, this family is ooooozing with it... ONE OF THEM!!!
They don't even know it...they don't even realize how beautiful they are...from the sparkle in their eyes, to the way they look at each other...
they each have this sweet way of just sort of getting ready in front of the camera, it's a little shy and tentative at first...and then we start talking and I'm just trying to get them to think of something other than the fact that there is this big ole camera snapping pictures...and all of a sudden the edges of their mouth start to go up and their eyes get that little twinkle and you can almost feel the "happy" that is bubbling up inside of them...
and then it just appears...
it's simple.sweet.classic.
By the end of our time together, they had demonstrated all these sweet corners of their personalities...smirks and laughs...coy and rambunctiousness...gentleness and genuine care...
It's the whole package with this family...and I thoroughly enjoyed romping around the park with them!  THANK YOU for allowing me to SEE you so truly!


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