Fighting style :)

Another perk of being able to photograph newborns and families, is that I am welcomed into so many fun homes...

Your home can tell a lot about you and of course, I gravitate towards any and all pictures that are hanging or sitting on tables or even on the fridge!

I wish I would have snapped a couple of pictures OF THE PICTURES in their house...because they told a story...

They told a story of happiness and laughter and loyalty and just plain fun...

Picture a gorgeous bride, in her downy white gown, hair and makeup absolutely perfect, smiling from ear to ear...

Now picture that same bride, with a Notre Dame jersey over top of said wedding dress, alongside her husband dressed not just in his tux, but with his jersey over top as well... better believe I was eatin' it up going through all their pictures...can you just imagine what their wedding day was like???  AMAZING!!!

They've got that "fighting irish" in their blood...and along came sweet little princess...and they couldn't help but pass on the tradition!

She is such a precious little baby who is absolutely adored by her parents...I wanted to be sure to get all those tiny details...because they grow up too fast...
It's pretty easy to figure out that Mommy is an educator because she knows to start that reading EARLY...her book nook is just amazing and this sweet girl is going to spend hours of listening to her Momma and Daddy's voice reading to her for years to come! What a treasure!

I have no doubt that this little girl is going to feel cherished by all that are in her family and by those she has yet to meet...what a special blessing!  Thank you for opening your home to me and for allowing me the privilege of meeting this precious bundle!!!

Jill Glover  – (22.9.13)  

This is so great, I have no good words to explain how awesome these are :) Great story, precious, adorable baby and I can't wait to meet her..Love you Charlie!!

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