Snapshop Recap

Well, leave it to me to ONLY take pictures of the food and set up and totally forget to get the peeps at the class...

I get so overly excited to see everyone and enthralled with all the material that we need to cover that I completely forget to snap pictures of our class by the end!!!

However, do not let my lack of picture taking in this instance fool you...we had a remarkable time...

FIVE HOURS is a LONGGGG time for a class...believe me, I've thought about breaking it up...but, I'm catering to MOMs here and trying to find a babysitter for 3-5 weeks in a row, let alone hoping your kiddos don't have need of homework help or someone else has gotten sick during one of the's just I try to cram storytelling, mechanics and practice time all in one big time slot. 

My true goal is that moms (and dads) have the confidence to get the types of pictures of their family that tell the stories of their they can share it with their family, so they can pass it on to their children...isn't that why we take pictures in the first place?  We want to experience and share life with the ones we love!

The participants were amazing, once again...they had already perused their manuals, brought all their lenses...they came armed with questions...

Each time I have a class, I ask the participants to fill out a help me improve upon the class each time...and I LISTEN...I had some minor improvements this time around, based on past students.  It required some more picture taking examples on my part and the installation of some video/camera equipment on my big screen as well...


I was so excited to see each one start to understand each new concept...I can't wait to see what they will achieve in the future...

I am now planning on having a photo walkabout with any past "snapshop students" this fall in between my family shoots (as per more info gleaned from those surveys).  I'll post the location/date/time once I get that all set...I may even plan to have one once a season just so that everyone gets a chance to freshen up on what they've learned.

If you are a mom or dad (or hoping to be one soon)...if you have a DSLR camera (the ones where you have to take off the lens)...if you are still using it like you did your old point and shoot...OH, your equipment has sooo much more to offer just need to tap into some more knowledge about it and you'll be amazed at what you can create through the lens!

Like the CT PHOTOMEMORIES facebook page to keep posted on updates on future classes as well...or check out the WORKSHOPS link above. 

Here are the few pics that I did take...I will tell you that we ate well :)  And I love handing out the fun goodies to remember our class time together! 

Anonymous –   – (18.8.13)  

Loved the class! Thanks Colleen, I learned so much about my camera and I learned how to view things take a great shot! Thanks so much! It was a fabulous class!!!

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