Grandpa & his girls

It was a gift given in the Winter.  The simple fact is that so often, we as adults, focus so much on the "little ones" in our lives that we often exclude ourselves in pictures.  Little ones are adorable and cute and they have the most adorable expressions...and so we excuse ourselves from being in the picture in order to let them shine. 
What I realize however, after look back through pictures, is that I have so few pictures of me with my grandparents...
My mom did the same thing...she must have thought that my siblings and I looked sweet and Grandma would just run back behind her to "make us smile" instead of being IN the picture with us...
isn't that how it often is?
Not this time though...oh, sure we got some "Just girls" can you resist when they are so adorable and fun-loving with each other...but, Grandpa needed some pictures with his GIRLS!!! 
His daughter has two little girls of her we made sure to include them all so that he can not just brag about them, but it will be evidenced that he is right there with them!!!
What a treasure and memory they will have.  You can tell by the pictures that they adore this man! I was privileged to have the opportunity to spend a sweet morning with them all!

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